3 Steps Forward, 2 Steps Back

A site specific solo project in the city centre of Stavanger (2014). ​​Dancer and choreographer: Annasara Yderstedt.

A Head Full Of Dreams

Premiered at IMPULS in Stavanger, Norway (2016). Dancers: Annasara Yderstedt and Lina Birgitte Anvik Løvdal. Choreographers: Annasara Yderstedt and Lina Birgitte Anvik Løvdal.

Disappearing Acts

Performed at KinoKino in Stavanger, Norway (2016). Dancers: Company members from Flexer & Sandiland, students from UiS and professional dancers from Rogaland. Choreographer: Yael Flexer and the dancers.

Perpetual Motion

Premiered at recidency at RAS in Sandnes, Norway (2017). Dancers: Annasara Yderstedt and Victoria Harley. Choreographers: Annasara Yderstedt and Victoria Harley. 

The Playground - trailer

Premiered at Starke Stükke Festival in Frankfurt, Germany (2017). Dancers: Annasara Yderstedt and Annika Keidel. 

Though She Be But Little, She Was Fierce

Premiered at Vin & Valsen in Oslo, Norway (2016). Dancer and choreographer: Annasara Yderstedt.

Wear It Like A Crown

Premiered at Monroe Community Hospital in Rochester, USA (2013). Dancer: Annasara Yderstedt. Choreographer: Elisabeth Vikeså and Maria Røyneberg Pedersen.